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R & R Bait and Tackle was created in 1913 by the Roberts brother. These brothers owned and managed R & R for thirty-four years at 42 E. Rich St. in downtown Columbus. The Roberts brothers sold it to the Wentzel family in 1947.  For many years R & R Bait was located at 52 E. Whittier St. then, In 1987 they relocated to 781 S. Front st. in the Brewery District where they continued to provide quality service and live bait for another thirty-two years. As the years passed it came time for the next generation to take over the family business.


New owner and operator Bryan Wentzel wanted to bring that same quality live bait, and friendly service of fishing expertise to buckeye lake and the surrounding areas. 


R & R carries a large range of fishing tackle, rods and reels, and other equipment you may need for your fishing trip. The store also carries a wide variety of live, frozen, and artificial baits.

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